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My Top 10 Movies of all time……so far

February 29, 2008 5 comments

My friend Calmixx is a movie buff just like me, so he and I speak about alot of movies and we definitely don’t agree on some. So to entice him. Here are my Top 10 Movies of all time….so far:

10. Scarface – Who doesn’t love Tony Montana. This movie was farfetched and ridiculous at some points (Al Pacino’s accent), but all around good fun

9. Born on the 4th of July – Tom Cruise rocks!!! I don’t care that he loves scientology

8. Casino – DeNiro and Pesci, enough said

7. 300 – Excellent action movie, great visuals, great fight scenes

6. Gladiator – Russell Crowe kicked ass in this one

5. Goodfellas – DeNiro and Pesci, you got a problem with that

4. Braveheart – A brilliant period piece…..Mel Gibson was awesome….made me want to paint my face blue

3. CastAway – Tom Hanks was brilliant in this one…how can a person act as good as he did with a volleyball

2. Forrest Gump – Another Tom Hanks masterpiece. This movie was unbelievable, if you disagree, you have no soul

1. The Departed – Scorcese and DiCaprio, enough said. This was  the modern day Goodfellas, but BETTER!!

 So there it is, my top 10 movies of all time…so far. I would also like to make an honorable mention to the following movies:

* A few Good Men – Tom Cruise…done!

* Gone Baby Gone – Yes, it was that good and Ben Affleck was associated to it

Ok Calmixx…..I’m ready. Until next time…keep it clean

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10 things I would do if I hit the lottery….

February 28, 2008 4 comments


If I was ever fortunate enough to hit the lottery for let’s say….$40 million (at least), this is what I would do:

10. Pay off all my bills, including immediate family (DUH!)

9. Buy a mansion, a ridiculous mansion that would even make P. Diddy jealous

8. Hire a chef and a personal trainer. I mean the pounds need to come off!

7. Buy some of the most ridiculous cars available. Ferrari, Bugatti, Mercedes, Bentley, etc……You get the idea

6. Buy a Marquis Jet membership…..a millionaire has to fly in style

5. Hire nannies to watch the kids so that my wife an I could sleep for more than 4 hours a day

4. Petition MTV to put me on an episode of MTV Cribs

3. Try to get on Oprah….I don’t know why, but what the hell

2. Make sure my wife and kids never have to struggle

1. Try not to die….I would like to enjoy my lottery winnings

I read somewhere that 85% of lottery winners are miserable…..I would like a chance to prove them wrong.

Here is some interesting reading.

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Jessica Simpson…Entertain??

February 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Well if you can’t be popular in the USA, may as well go to Kuwait to “entertain” the troops. Gotta feel good to entertain guys and gals that have not seen a woman in a while….I’m thinking she will be well received

Blu-Ray future…..inevitable death?

February 20, 2008 Leave a comment


The Blu-Ray format has beaten HD DVD. Unless you have been under a rock the last few days, you should know this. So SONY is sitting pretty right now. All the studios are on the band wagon drinking the SONY juice. All is well in SONY land……right?

I always wondered why Microsoft made the XBOX 360 player an add-on device. Microsoft states that they wanted to give the consumer the choice rather than increasing the price of the XBOX 360 console.

Tonight as I surf the web, I come across an article that answers my curiousity about the add-on HD DVD player. It seems that Microsoft and Netflix are in bed together and are rumored to offer a Netlix “on demand” type download service for movies and TV shows……HA!!! I knew there had to be something deeper to this.

It seems to me that Microsoft doesn’t care about the HD format wars of Blu-Ray and HD DVD. They are betting on HD downloads, which makes total sense. I would much rather download a movie from the comforts of home then go to the store and purchase or rent a hard copy. I believe that there will always be a market for Blu-Ray and DVD….but it’s not going to be as big as SONY would hope.

Apple is on the right track with the Apple TV (take 2), but for me I’d go for the XBOX 360 because I can do both movies and games….and the triple threat of the Windows Media Center extender.

Until Next Time…..Keep it clean!

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HD DVD….Dead!

February 20, 2008 1 comment


So, HD DVD is now a dead format thanks to the very deep pockets of SONY. What saddens me is that the “Hi Def Format War” was not decided by the consumer. It ultimately came down to SONY paying off Warner Brothers to go “Blu”.

I was an early adopter of HD DVD with the XBOX 360 HD DVD player. The picture was amazing, never had any issues with the format. The player on the other hand…..LOUD!!

Even though Blu-Ray has won, I do not plan on getting rid of the HD DVD palyer I own, I plan to purcahse the movies I would like to see in the HD DVD format. After the prices drop. I believe that many people will do the same as I.

Unfortunately due to my love of new technology and movies, I did purchase a Blu-Ray player (PS3). Now the PS3 is a much better Blu-Ray player than video gaming system. I still prefer my XBOX 360….but that’s neither here nor there.

Here is an intersting article about the future of Blu Ray Players. My suggestion, if you plan on buying a Blu-Ray player, go with a PS3

In closing……Rest in Pieces HD DVD

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Scarface…more than a movie, it’s a lifestyle

February 14, 2008 Leave a comment


On this fine evening I turn the channels and begin to watch “Scarface” with Al Pacino. It was about 2 minutes into the movie and I find myself engrossed into this film. Now, I have seen it before, but as you get older you begin to understand alot more. I use to think that Al Pacino’s character of “Tony Montana” was your typical thug and drug kingpin. I simply thought that this movie was about drugs and violence….which it was, but there was alot more.

In the beginning of the movie, there is news footage of boats filled with Cuban immigrants on there way to the U.S.A., it also posts a  note saying that Fidel Castro pretty much emptied the majority of his prison population on to those boats. The US government was none the wiser, but it was Castro’s way of saying “Fuck You” to the US. So now all these immigrants who had a shitty life in Cuba are now treated like prisoners in the US as well. Rightfully so…they were criminals, most of them anyway. So the US goverment decides to create a camp under I-95 in Miami to house these immigrants.

During this time in the movie, Tony Montana and his best friend “Manny” are looking for ways to get out and get jobs. The local drug kingpin puts out a hit on a new Cuban refugee who worked for Castro torturing people. So happens that one of the tortured was a relative of said drug kingpin. So the hit is out on this refugee, now this occurs during a riot in what was called “Feedom Town” (the camp under I-95). During the riot, the refugee is killed by Tony Montana. Oh…..the reward for this hit was a green card and a job.

The movie fast forwards a few weeks and Tony and Manny are in a local Miami restaurant washing dishes and cooking. Tony begins compalining that he didn’t come to America to be a dishwasher, which is understandable, who would. Most foreigners look at America as a place where they can live like kings and be free…..if they only knew.

And so begins Tony’s life as a drug pusher. He starts off with a bad deal that ends up killing his friend and almost him as well. Needless to say he survives and meets the drup kingpin who helped him get a green card. Tony and Manny get in deep fast.

So through the movie we see Tony Montana rise to wealth and power, but ultimately it was his greed of wanting more that was his downfall. He never trusted anyone and only loves himself and his money.

Where am I going with this you ask?……Here goes. Scarface was more than Al Pacino saying “Say Hello to my little friend” in a very bad accent. I like they way it shows his rise and fall. How it showed his greed, love of nothing more than himself and money. Here’s a guy who comes to America and has a chance to start a new life, but chooses the path of fast success and a short life.

Scarface is also a movie that still remains popular even for a 20+ year old movie. I mean it is absolutely adored by every rapper on MTV cribs. They all seem to have a copy of Scarface, a poster in their movie theater and some form of memorabilia from the movie. It’s really laughable how so many hip hop entertainers want to live the “Tony Montana” lifestyle and try to portray it in their music videos.

I will leave you with a quote from the overly paid rapper Jay-Z:

“Scarface the movie did more then Scarface the rapper for me”

Quote from Jay-Z’s latest album, “American Gangster”

Until Next time….Let this post waste 10 minutes you’ll never get back…

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A trainwreck called Spears…

February 1, 2008 2 comments

I don’t even know why I’m wasting my time on this hopeless person….

My wife is a big Britney Spears defender. No matter what I say my wife sticks up for her, don’t know why. She is always searching the web or scathing the entertainment shows to see what debacle Ms. Spears is in.

I for one, just dont get it. Here’s a girl who had it all and now is just a train wreck. I honestly don’t see any hope for her. For the sake of her kids I hope she does get help and straighten out her life. If not she will be gone before this year ends.

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