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Clay Aiken…A “father”?

May 31, 2008 1 comment

Clay Aiken Is Going to Be a Dad | Clay Aiken

Now as we all know Clay Aiken does not discuss his sexual orientation with anyone, especially anyone in the media. It boggles my mind that people still question if he is gay or not. He obviously is gay and that’s certainly OKAY….But he will not confirm or deny this.

I have no issue with his sexual orientation, it’s his choice. I just don’t get this whole “Clay Aiken is going to be a Dad” thing. I can’t understand artificially inseminating a woman but not admitting that your gay. I just feel that if a woman wants your sperm to conceive a child that she would probably care enough for you to have actual sex and save the THOUSANDS of dollars to have herself artificially inseminated.

My other concern is, why in the world would she pick Clay Aiken???? Wouldn’t she want someone a little more manly, someone who doesn’t look like a woman in a suit. However if this woman chose him because she likes those characteristics, than GREAT!! Job Well Done!

 Feedback Please!! Help me understand!


Usher…Here I Stand (to download)

So I decided to purchase (download) Usher’s new album “Here I Stand“. I haven’t heard much about the album, just heard the single, “Love in this club” and it’s really good. It’s a hot track!

I definitely enjoyed his previous album, “Confessions”. I think it sold something ridiculous like 9.5 million. In the age of the peer to peer “sharing” that is saying something.

I also saw the article in Entertainment Weekly about his new album and the review was only Okay….but I never really listen to critics because people’s taste in music is always different. I have listened to the album and it has alot of really good songs. Some songs are not what I would like, but others may. The songs I really liked are:

  1. Love in this club
  2. Love in this club pt.2
  3. Love in this club (Remix)
  4. Will work for Love
  5. Best Thing
  6. Before I Met You
  7. His Mistakes
  8. Appetite
  9. What’s a man to do
  10. Revolver

Out of 18 songs on the album, I definitely enjoyed the above 10. The lyrics are good, the beats are good, just an all around excellent effort. I would definitley recommend it!!

If you don’t like R&b/Hip Hop, then this is not for you. and No, Usher is not paying me for this!


3g iPhone…Who Really Cares?

Does anyone who currently has an iPhone really care about the forthcoming 3G iPhone?? I’m thinking YES! I personally do not, I very rarely use the iPhone out of WiFi range, so the 3G does not interest me. I also hope and believe that any new software features will be made available to current iPhone users.

I can’t see getting a new iPhone simply because of the 3G option. The one thing I wish I could do is swap out the internal Flash card for a larger version, 32GB would be nice!!

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Scotty Doesn’t Know!!

May 22, 2008 2 comments

EuroTrip is one of the funniest movies I’ve seen, and this clip of “Scotty Doesn’t Know” is probably the most hysterical part in the movie. Kudos to Matt Damon for the cameo!!

MySpace Teen + Naked Pics = Jail Time

May 22, 2008 2 comments


Is this what I have to look forward to. This brainiac decided to post naked pictures of his ex-girlfriend on his MySpace page. Oh, and the girl was a minor!! According to this dirt bag he was “venting”.

If something like this happend to my daughter, I would hunt this guy down, rip off his head and pull out his soul…..

Hope they put him in jail with some convicted father’s….Have fun being someone’s ass jockey!

Shania Twain has been wronged!!

May 22, 2008 2 comments

First Photo of Alleged Other Woman in Shania Twain Split

I just cannot believe that this is the alleged woman that “mutt” lange cheated on Shania Twain with. I just cannot understand how that could happen, that woman is hideous compared to Shania….I guess “Mutts” stick together.

How to improve the XBOX 360

May 18, 2008 1 comment

I own both the XBOX 360 and the PS3. I honestly game 100 times more on the XBOX 360 than the PS3 for 1 main reason. I know more people with XBOX systems. The PS3 for me is just a DVD/Blu-Ray player…for now.

Anyway, I digress. How can the XBOX 360 be a better gaming system. Here are my suggestions

  1. Make it quieter! – This thing is so loud, it actually disturbs me when playing.
  2. Make it smaller! – Microsoft has to find a way to encompass the power brick into the console and make the console a tad smaller
  3. Improve the DVD ROM – The DVD playback is average and it should be alot better, hopefully they put in a Blu-Ray ROM
  4. Built in Wi-Fi – There is no reason that the wireless network adapter should be seperate or cost $90 bucks….Come on Microsoft!! Wi-Fi should also include 802.11n support
  5. Add Bluetooth – Bluetooth support should be a standard
  6. Add additional Web Cam Support – I should be able to use any USB web cam on my XBOX, not just theirs
  7. Add an Internet Browser – This is a no brainer
  8. Data Backup – Put in a backup feature that will let you save all data on your XBOX hard drive. If I purchase a game by download, I should be able to make a copy of it.

These are my suggestions. I’m sure there are more, let me know what you think, drop a comment.