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Where is iLife for Windows?

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I am a PC user simply because it is less costly to own a PC than a macintosh. I do have a Powerbook G4, 17″, but it is outdated and does not have an intel processor. When the Powerbook was useful, it was great and I especially loved the iLife application. 

iLife is a godsend for the digital lifestyle. I mean you can pretty much do it all, movies, pictures, music and web pages. What more could the average person who loves digital media ask for? People have their own likes or dislikes for iLife, I personally loved it and would love to see Apple make it for Windows….but that will never happen. 

Apple will never make iLife cross over, simply becuase it’s a big part of the reason users switch to a MAC. I would use a MAC instead of a PC, if a MAC was more affordable. However, iLife is very affordable, I mean it comes preloaded on a MAC and if you need to buy it it’s only $79.

All other products for the windows platform don’t even come close to iLife. iLife applications have great interfaces, are easy to use, work fast and WORK TOGETHER!!!

NERO…No dice


Microsoft is working on their new OS called WIndows 7. How about they make some applications that work like iLife and make it part of Windows. 

I like Windows because of it’s flexibility and usability, but the MAC OS out performs Windows in speed and ease of use. MAC OS is a powerhouse when it comes to the home user and digital media. 

Microsoft has it’s work cut out……Let’s hope they get it right this time with Windows 7


Hold That Thought….

October 16, 2008 1 comment

I think I jumped the gun on a Britney Spears come back. This photo is quite disturbing. I cannot believe that she would let herself go in the armpit area and that she’s not a real blond.

If she needs a razor, I’ll buy! Kinda makes me wonder about her bikini line.

The Race Card

October 14, 2008 1 comment

I haven’t written a blog post in a while due to lack of inspiration. I did post 2 new articles that deal with my usual content, “Entertainment”. Yes, I tend to bash celebrities becuase I just don’t get why they act like assholes when they are so lucky to be in the position they are financially. Anyway, I digress.

I keep hearing how Barack Obama is leading John McCain in all these polls that are being done by the media. These polls really don’t mean shit!! I think that this election is going to come down to RACE. We still live in a society where race plays a big factor in everyday life, it’s unfortunate, but true.

For example…..

– If you were to see a man wearing a turban getting on an airplane, the usual reaction or thought is, “he must be a terrorist”.

– If you see a couple walking in a mall and the man is African American and the woman is Caucasian, the initial reaction is still shock, because of the “Jungle Fever” factor.

– If you see an Asian person, people automatically assume that he must know Karate or owns a Chinese food restaurant

– Contrary to popular belief, hispanic people don’t all live in one house

– All African American men do not play Basketball

Do you see what I’m getting at? No matter how open minded you are, there is still a race factor playing out in your life, like it or not and it will play a huge roll in this election.

I sincerely hope that Barack Obama wins the election, simply because I feel he is the better candidate of the 2. Is he the best person for the job?….NO. I still believe that Hillary Clinton should be in that position. However, that is just not the case. So based on the 2 candidates we have, I choose Obama.

For the people who say they will vote for Obama, don’t change your vote becuase of the color of his skin. If you feel he is the better candidate, then that should be your reason to vote for Obama.

Here’s a final thought. If we were all blind, the only thing that separates us as a people is our intelligence.

“Nailin’ Paylin”…..Is this going to far?

October 14, 2008 1 comment

I personally do not like Sarah Palin. I don’t agree with her views or her politics, but this may be going too far. There is now a porno with someone portraying Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is a good looking woman, but she is also a mother and a wife. I’m sure her kids and her husband would not appreciate this in the least.

However, to play devil’s advocate, the chick playing Palin is hot and has some rack! If Sarah Palin did the things that this “actor ” did in the porn, I’d vote for her!!

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up!!

It’s about time Britney!!

October 14, 2008 Leave a comment

The old Britney seems to be creeping her way back into the “pop” music industry with this new single she has called “Womanizer”. I heard the song and I can see that it will do well. The song is okay but it’s no William Hung (remember him from American Idol, the guy who sang “she bangs” by Ricky Martin). She’s definitely looking good in this video.

Anyway, here’s a video for ya….