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From G’s to Gents……to Bullshit!!

February 15, 2009 Leave a comment


There are programs and foundations in this world that serve great causes, Feed the Children, MS Society, The Lustgarten Foundation to name a few. As I watch TV today I flip passed MTV to see a show called “From G’s to Gents”. This shows concept is to take 16 “G’s” and turn them into gentlemen and if the change is successful the winner receives $100,000. Now, I have to take issue with this crock of MTV shit!

MTV is now parading 16 hopeless kids and trying to make reality TV out of it. These “G’s” off the street do not know any better. If you take a kid who has nothing but standing on a street corner selling rock, wearing suspect jewlery and getting drunk and high, this chance looks really good. To these guys getting a chance to be on TV means fame and with fame comes popularity and with that comes the ladies. That is all these guys are thinking about!!!

These “G’s” come to this show with their sob stories of how hard they have it and that they want to change. There are certain things that you do in your life that will guarantee that you will never get a job in the corporate world and that people will laugh at you.

  1. Get a tatoo on your face or your neck
  2. Wearing gold or “diamond” fronts in your mouth

Reality TV has really taken a turn for the worse with this pile of shit show. For the person who wins, I guarantee that they will go through that money within a few weeks. One watch, 3 chains and some rims later, all that money will be gone. For all the guys who get eliminated one by one, they will be back on the street up to no good. So, the bottom line is that MTV wants good ratings rather than really trying to help these guys.


Jason Mraz got robbed at the Grammy’s!!

February 8, 2009 Leave a comment


I’m watching the Grammy’s and it’s a pretty decent show. They definitley have alot of performances this year. In my humble opinion, one of the albums that isn’t getting enough credit is “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” by Jason Mraz. I liked a few songs that Mraz had in the past, “The Remedy”, “You and I Both”, “Geek in the Pink” just to name a few.

On his newest album, I gotta say that he definitley caught my attention. The song “I’m Yours” is really good and it’s one of those songs that sticks in your head all day.Hands down, the best song on the album is “Butterfly”. It is one of the raunchiest yes classiest songs I’ve heard. If you have not heard this song, it’s worth the $.99 cents on iTunes.

As I watch the Grammy’s, I see that he is 0 for 2. He lost for Song of the Year and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. After his 2nd loss, the cameras were on him and you could see how pissed he was especially because on the Best Male Pop performance he lost to John Mayer for “Say”. This song probably has the most repeats of the same word EVER!!!!

I’d be pissed too!!! Jason Mraz is getting SCREWED!!

Verizon FiOS Speed Test

February 8, 2009 Leave a comment


I decided to see if the FiOS service promises what you pay for. So far I am not dissapointed, the screen shot above is a test I did at 6pm (Easten) on 2/8/09. The server I chose was the Seattle, WA server. I am currently paying for the 20/5 mbps service. This is more bandwidth than I will probably ever use, but I am happy with my results so far.

I am also pretty sure that the speed of my service will not suffer simply bacuase all traffic for the FiOS service is transmitted through the router. It’s actually a very smart way of delivering the content. It’s easier to troubleshoot. Verizon provides you with an Actionet router for your service. They tell you it’s free and push that through their sales, but the bottom line is that the router is part of the infrastructure.

The router itself is pretty huge. If you have Cablevision’s OOL service it’s approximately 40% bigger than the Motorola modem they provide. Unfortunately you really have to use their router if you have all 3 services. Like I said, the router pushes all their traffic.

The router interface is actually very user friendly. It’s nicely laid out and has pretty much all the features that any normal Linksys or D-Link router has.

Overall the FiOS internet service is very good. The great thing about it is that I am losing speed at peak times when more people are on the internet. THIS IS GREAT!!

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Verizon FiOS….My Experience (Part 1)

February 7, 2009 Leave a comment


In the New York area (Long Island) there are few choices between cable companies, you either have Cable, Satellite and now FiOS. A service that is now offered by Verizon. I have been a long time subscriber to my local cable company, Cablevision. I actually worked for them for 9 years and received free cable. A nice benefit! Since parting ways with Cablevision, I soon found that I was suffering like many other families….a very HIGH cable bill. It’s pretty ridiculous what we pay for cable on a monthly basis. However, for everything I use it for (TV, Internet, Phone), I guess it’s not that bad.  Anyway, I’m always looking for the new hotness and a better deal. So I began the research and the bottom line was that Verizon FiOS was offering the best deal. It recently became available in my area, so I decided to go with the service.

I tried to put through my order online and got an error because I initially wanted only TV and Internet and planned on keeping my phone through Cablevision becuase it was actually cheaper (44.95 Verizon, 34.95 Cablevision). So, I couldn’t go any further and decided to call Verizon to place my order. I’m glad I did because they had some extra discounts they applied for me.

I now had an order and an install date. Great! So, I get an email confirmation and they tell me the process. Basically a technician comes to your house a few days before to make sure the Fiber is lit and operational. The day of the install, Verizon advises that it may take 4-6 hours for the install. I basically planned on being home the whole day.

Install Day! I’m excited! The Verizon tech calls me early in the morning to make sure I’m home and he was at my door 30 minutes later. Here’s where the fun begins.

  • First, the technician checks your existing wiring to see if it can be used
  • Then he goes over your hardware (what you will be getting)
  • The tech advised me that he would be working outside for a few hours first
  • The tech goes across the street to the Fiber Terminal on the light pole and does some work there
  • The tech gets the Fiber that was initially placed there and runs that to my house for the install
  • The tech installs the Verizon hardware
  • A Fiber Terminal Box, an Optical Network Terminal (O.N.T) and a Battery backup….I did end up going for the phone, the day of the install, they gave me a good deal on the service

Now, to accommodate the Verizon hardware, you need to have a 3-pronged outlet available for them to use exclusively…no biggie. So now the technician is about 3.5 hours into the install and he tells me that there is a problem. They are no gettinga good signal from the Fiber splice at the pole. The tech told me that a crew was on it’s way to fix the issue. Within an hour there was a crew there and they were working on the issue. However, after 2 more hours, still nothing.

Now it’s about 4:30pm (they started at 10:30am). The tech tells me that they cannot finish the install and they will have to have the Fiber splice checked. He also told me that someone would call me that same day with an ETA. Now, I’m a little annoyed for a few reasons, mainly because I pretty much wasted a day in the house. I wait for a phone call that day…..nothing! I call Verizon 2 days later to ask for an ETA,… ETA. I wait another 2 days and call Verizon again…..still, no ETA. I call them the next day and still no ETA. I escalated to a supervisor and that just opened a ticket to the engineering department and promised someon would call me the next morning.

I did receive a call the next morning, but they could not finish the install until the end of the month because I needed a Saturday install date. So, now I’m pissed. I am going off on this poor representative who is merely doing her thankless job. After alot of arguing, I finally get an install date the following week.

After all this calling and arguing (mind you, I still don’t have the service), I ask the lady what she planned on doing for me to keep me as a happy customer. She transferred me to the Sales Department and swore they would compensate me. I go to the sales department and this chick is trying to sell me more shit that I don’t need. I asked her to waive the activation fee of $34.99 and she would not. I also asked her to review my order with me and give me what my monthly bill would be…….Now is where I lose it. This moron tells me that my bill will be $40 per month more than I was originally quoted. I flipped!!

I told her that this was Bullshit! and to cancel my order. She immediately transferred me to the cancellation department. I spoke to a rep there who listened to me as I explained what I went through. Bottom line, she adjusted my bill to what I was quoted and gave me a $30 per month credit on my bill for 6 months.

I’m happier now. To make things a little better, Verizon called me that night and was coming on Saturday to finish my install…..I was alot happier!!

Install Day (part 2)…..The tech calls me at 9:30am and is at my house by 10:00am. 6 hours later. My install was complete. I had all my boxes connected and working. My phone worked and so did the internet.

There was still a couple of issues. I was missing the sports package on my account and my phone number from Cablevision was never put in to be ported over. UGH!!!!

After another round of phone calls, I come to find out that the sports package is not part of my order and would be an extra $8 per month. It’s Bullshit because every other person I spoke to told me it was part of the FiOS Extreme HD package. BUT, that only applies to customers in upstate NY…..I don’t know why!

So now, I’m actually enjoying the new TV service. FiOS definitley blows away Cablevision TV service. No pixelation, No lag, No pausing on the HD channels. The FiOS boxes do not have the cable card in the front so my annoying daughter can pull it out every 10 seconds. The menus are awesome! Home Media DVR rules!! I only need one DVR and I can watch it in any other room. Internet speeds are great as well and the phone is clear too!

So far, the FiOS service is impressive. The Verizon sales and customer service needs ALOT of work. When I get my first bill, I’ll have part 2!

Salma Hayek Rules!!

February 6, 2009 Leave a comment


Salma Hayek has the most amazing breasts ever!! I have no idea what she was promoting and I really don’t care. I challenge anyone to say that she does not. The only thing that she needs to do to make them better is remove her top!!

MY GOD!!!! How can one woman be so blessed!! NUFF SAID!!!

Michael Phelps has been WRONGED!!

February 5, 2009 7 comments


This is some serious BULLSHIT!!!

I cannot believe that this is such a big deal. Michael Phelps gets caught smoking weed and it’s like he committed murder. USA Swimming has suspended him, Kellogs has dropped him as an endorser and he may not be allowed to compete in 2012.

Smoking weed is just like smoking cigarettes these days and now because the swimming golden boy has been caught, it’s a bad thing. He’s disappointed millions, he’s no longer a good role model….BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

Now that this has happened to Michael Phelps, I like him even more. Now I can see that he is actually normal and makes mistakes, granted the mistakes are not in the pool.

So let’s compare. Michael Phelps smokes weed and the above mentioned happens. Kobe Bryant, rapes a girl and cheats on his wife but after that he gets to play. Pacman Jones has an altercation at a strip club, gets arrested, but still gets to play. Terrell Owens almost commits suicide, but still gets to play.

Where is the fairness? I hope Michael Phelps stays quiet and wins back the trust of the people who are riding his coat tails and after breaking the records at the 2012 Olympics, he lights up a “philly” and gives everyone the finger while they sing the national anthem.

Mike, tell them all to GO FUCK THEMSELVES!!!! There will never be a swimming phenom like you again! I’ll even bet that after you smoked weed, you could still beat all those dead beats who “competed” against you.

Transformers Superbowl Spot

February 2, 2009 1 comment

The teaser spot for Transformers 2 is out and I definitely liked it. I enjoyed the first movie very much for what it was. A cartoon movie!! Needless to say, I will be throwing down my hard earned cash to go see this. Enjoy The teaser below.