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Open Letter to Tiger Woods

December 31, 2009 1 comment


I’m sure over the past month you have had time to reflect on your transgressions and I hope that this is a turning point on your personal life. I for one agree that the media and those not involved should leave you and your family alone so that you can try to mend your wife’s broken heart. I do not agree with what you did, but then again I don’t know many men who could not have done the same. If I were in your position I don’t know that I could have resisted the temptations that were presented to you.

You are one of the most recognized people on this planet and I am truly shocked at how you kept this a secret so long. At this point that doesn’t matter anymore. What should matter now is your wife and 2 children. I’m happy and sad to see you taking a break from golf. Happy because you have your family as your priority and sad because I can’t see you golf. I am a weekend golfer and I have to say the main reason I started to play was because I saw a person of color not only play at the professional level but simply dominate. The level of competitiveness you show is mind blowing. I mean when you first won the Masters by 12 strokes, I was in awe. When you played on a broken leg and won the US Open, when you did the “Tiger Slam”, these are all moments of joy for me when it comes to the game of golf. I love to play now and I owe a lot of that to you. For that I am sincerely grateful!

My son is 6 and he is old enough to understand certain things he sees and reads. He asked me about you and why people are saying mean things about you. I simply told my son that Tiger has done a bad thing to his wife and kids and left it at that. It was hard to find the words to tell him that, I cannot imagine what it will be like if and when you tell your kids about your transgressions

Having said that, I have never taught my son to look at any person as a hero who is a an athlete, actor, politician, etc. I want my kids to learn from my wife and I and look at us as role models because ultimately, that’s what a parent is. I will tell my son if he decides to play golf that he should look at your work ethic, your competitive nature and mental toughness and use that as a guide to get better at golf. Athletes are not role models for personal growth. Athletes, especially great athletes, such as yourself are models on how to get better at that particular sport.

While I don’t agree with what you did, you must have your reasons. The one thing I do think you should do is break your silence. All your supporters want to hear from you in some fashion. It will be difficult, but it will be therapeutic. Get it out in the open so you can move on with your life, heal yourself and your family first, then play the game you love.

You don’t have to answer to anyone but your wife for this. I for one am not God and will not judge you and neither should anyone else. Humans do make mistakes and right now you are paying for yours. Even criminals get a second chance, so should you.

Stay well Mr. Woods!