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158,396 Hits and counting!!!!

I started this blog as a hobby. I wanted a place to vent and to post random thoughts and opinions. I never thought that I would get they amount of traffic that I have been getting from some of the nonsense that I have posted. I capitalized on the semi-nude pictures of Megan Fox, the mockery that is Kim Kardashian and even the HUGE jaw of Rumer Willis to name some of my exploits. My posts, recently have been few and far in between. Recently, I even had a day where my hits exceeded 12,000. I could not believe it!

I guess I should start taking this more seriously! I will still post the ridiculousness of the entertainment industry, but I will also add more interesting content.

To those of you who have visited this blog and enjoyed the content, THANK YOU and keep checking back, I won’t let you down!!!

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