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Mind boggling

October 14, 2011 Leave a comment

There is a 9% unemployment rate in this country and our economy is suffering, but things like this still happen:

  • iPhone 4S mania: There were 1 million pre orders for the iPhone 4s on the first day you were able to pre order it. All those people were prepared to drop a minimum of $200 on a new phone and about $80 – $100 per month on it’s service. The part that boggles my mind is how people can wait hours and even days in line to get one! There are people looking desperately for jobs and then there are the folks who call in sick so they can wait in line for an iPhone 4S.

Kim Kardashian’s Amazingly Huge Assets

February 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Just saw this picture of Kim Kardashian. She’s allegedly pissed that she posed nude for “W” magazine after the fact that she posed nude for “W” magazine. I have no more words except to say, Wow!! Interpret the “Wow” anyway you want.

158,396 Hits and counting!!!!

November 28, 2010 Leave a comment

I started this blog as a hobby. I wanted a place to vent and to post random thoughts and opinions. I never thought that I would get they amount of traffic that I have been getting from some of the nonsense that I have posted. I capitalized on the semi-nude pictures of Megan Fox, the mockery that is Kim Kardashian and even the HUGE jaw of Rumer Willis to name some of my exploits. My posts, recently have been few and far in between. Recently, I even had a day where my hits exceeded 12,000. I could not believe it!

I guess I should start taking this more seriously! I will still post the ridiculousness of the entertainment industry, but I will also add more interesting content.

To those of you who have visited this blog and enjoyed the content, THANK YOU and keep checking back, I won’t let you down!!!

Floyd Mayweather will fight wife, but not Pacquiao

September 14, 2010 2 comments

Today, as I scan through the news I see a report stating that Floyd Mayweather beat his ex in front of their son. I liked Mayweather, even though he talked a lot of trash about his opponents he went into the ring and backed it up. He was arrogant, but he won as well. You can’t knock him for that, if you beat the guy you talk trash about, then it isn’t trash talk it’s the truth.

Here is a guy who is arguably the best fighter in the world, pound for pound, he’s also a millionaire and should be sitting on top of the world and look what he has allegedly done. I just lost all respect for Mayweather. I can understand having an argument with your ex, I can’t understand hitting a woman, let alone hitting a woman in front of your son, then threatening to beat the kids up if they told the anyone or the police.

The sad part about this is that he was out on $3,000 bail and will probably not serve any time because of his deep pockets. Way to go Floyd! I hope he finally does fight Pacquiao and Manny beats his ass from her to next week! Mayweather does not deserve any good fortune going forward!

This is Madonna……Now?


What has become of the “Material Girl”? It certainly looks like she needs an IV drip or some kind of nourishment. I think it may be time for Madonna to cover up a bit until she gains some weight or is this sympathy weight loss so she doesn’t feel ashamed for stealing 3rd world country children.

Either way……NASTY!!

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Gosselin + Lohan = WTF!!

July 26, 2009 1 comment


This just can’t be good! This is wrong in so many ways!

I must admit, when hearing of Jon Gosselin divorce Kate Gosselin, I was glad. Glad to see that he would no longer be a beaten man and have is spirit broken by the psycho hose beast (and her hair). However, I feel like he has abandoned his kids for the party life with a drugged out 22 year old whore, a “reporter” from STAR magazine and now with Michael Lohan?

When it rains it pours!

Hey Jon! A bit of advice. Michael Lohan’s kids don’t want anything to do with him. Why would you even associate yourself with him. You have 8 kids to care for……..Oh Wait. I get it, 8 kids can be a pain in the ass. I see what he’s doing.

Well played Mr Gosselin! You’re still an asshole, but well done!

Meanwhile, somewhere in the great state of Pennsylvania, Kate is lying in bed while the nannies attend to her kids……..and I thought my family was dysfunctional.

Jon Gosselin is RIDICULOUS!!

July 12, 2009 3 comments


I was a Kate Gosselin hater. I watched Jon & Kate plus 8 here and there and each time I watched, I would see Kate just verbally abuse Jon Gosselin and beat him down to a pulp. He would simply take it and you could see how much of a beaten man he was. Now that they are officially on the divorce trail, I guess they are free to do what they want. I do not know the circumstances of their divorce nor will I speculate. However, he’s got 8 kids!!!!! I have 2 of my own and it’s hard to keep up with them. I can not even fathom having 8 children.

So, today I’m surfing the web and I see a story on People about Jon vacationing with his now girlfriend. This girlfriend is the daughter of the plastic surgeon who performed the tummy tuck on Kate Gosselin!!! What the Fuck!!

This is just Fucked Up! The divorce is not even final and he’s vacationing with another woman….Meanwhile Kate is at home with the 8 kids, granted she has some help, but still. How do you explain this to your kids when they get older and realize what the deal is. After hearing this story, I truly feel bad for Kate Gosselin.

Now on the flip side, this chick that Jon is dating is only with him for the spotlight. I cannot imagine any woman, who is single with no kids would want to date a man with 8 kids!!! I can pretty much guarantee you that she will disappear when he got the kids for the weekend.

8 Kids!!!! What time would you have to date let alone take a vacation.