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Transformers Superbowl Spot

February 2, 2009 1 comment

The teaser spot for Transformers 2 is out and I definitely liked it. I enjoyed the first movie very much for what it was. A cartoon movie!! Needless to say, I will be throwing down my hard earned cash to go see this. Enjoy The teaser below.


Superman Reboot…..????

August 23, 2008 1 comment

I just read that Warner Brothers is looking to do a “reboot” of Superman. They were dissapointed with the box office results of Superman Returns. Okay, I can understand that to some extent. I personally think that Superman Returns was a good movie. Could it have been better…YES! I think that Bryan Singer’s direction was that of re-introducing Superman. A new generation of viewers had to be educated somewhat on Superman. It’s been a long time since Christopher Reeve played Superman, and only the first 2 were good. Superman 3 & 4 were just horrible.

Warner Brothers is saying that they want the Superman movie to be darker, much like the Dark Knight. I think that Superman Returns was pretty dark. I mean Lex Luthor thinks up a plan where billions of people will die by creating a new continent created by Superman’s crystals. On top of that, the continent is laced with kryptonite so that Superman would have no powers against him. The scene that I think was most dark was when Lex Luthor beats the crap out of Superman, stabs him with kryptonite and leaves him for dead.

How much darker can this get? I for one loved the Dark Knight, but I certainly would noit have brought a your kid (less than 12) to see it. It was too violent and disturbing for a kid that age. There is still a demographic that Warner Brothers needs to be aware of. This is why there were parts in Superman Returns where it appealed more to a younger audience.

I do hope that they bring back Bryan Singer to direct the new Superman movie. I also hope that Brandon Routh is brought back as Superman. I thought he was an excellent choice. For the new Superman movie to be successful there has to be a villain that has never been on the big screen. How about Brainiac? or maybe Doomsday?

There can be so much more done with fresh characters.¬† Lex Luthor will always be Superman’s biggest nemesis, but it’s already been done. Let’s see something new Warner Brothers!!


August 18, 2008 1 comment

Got a chance to see Tropic Thunder this weekend and it was the funniest movie this year without a doubt. Quite honestly, it was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

The movie was completely offensive in so many ways, and I digg that!! Life is too short to protest a movie because it hurt your feelings…PLEASE! In everyday life people’s feelings get hurt. and I don’t see protesting for that.

Back to the movie, Robert Downey Jr. was the funniest thing in this movie. From beginning to end, he was non-stop. I laughed so hard that I’m sure I must have missed some dialouge. The best part was that had I not known that he was white, I would have never guessed that he was NOT a black man. His voice and mannerisms were on point. JOB WELL DONE!

Tom Cruise also gave a priceless performance. His makeup was great, he looked like an overweight version of Larry David (Curb Your Enthusiasm). He played a real bastard in the movie who rather enjoyed hip-hop music. Not going to spoil it, so do yourself a favor and go see this movie!!

Jack Black and Ben Stiller were also very good, not as funny as Downey, but they still delivered alot of laughs (Simple Jack & The Fatties). The first few minutes of the movie were hysterical, but some may find it offensive.

In closing, GO SEE THIS MOVIE! If you want to laugh uncontrolably, this is a must!

Movies that deserve a remake…Part 1

August 14, 2008 5 comments

There are many movies that we all remember watching that you can quote or recall scenes that made you laugh, cry, etc. Here’s my list of some movies that I would like to see remake’s of. Now keep in mind, there are movies out there that were made just right and should not be tampered with. Hopefully I don’t hit one of those and get backlash (Calmixx or Matt)…..

The Goonies – I really enjoyed this movie as a kid. It was like being on the adventure searching for the treasure. Also, who can forget the “Truffle Shuffle” as performed by “Chunk”, or the crazy inventions by the young Asian kid, “Data”. I think the most memorable part was when the Chunk found “Sloth” and they shared a love for candy and ice cream…anyone for “Rocky Road”

E.T. (Extra Terrestrial) – I think it’s time for this to be remade. With the advancements in movie technology, this could be really cool. An all around good movie with a good story for it’s time. I definitely think that Stephen Spielberg has to be involved for this one.

JAWS – The scariest movie I have ever seen. Till this day, I am afraid of going into the ocean. I’m sure that many of you reading this only watch “Shark Week” becuase of the impact that JAWS had on you. Please don’t make thew shark roar like in JAWS 3D…..Thanks!

Fatal Attraction – Great Movie. This one borders on the “should be left alone” category, but it can be remade and maybe be even better. I could have definitely seen Heath Ledger as Michael Douglas’ character. What a loss!! Maybe Angelina Jolie and Glen Close’s character.

A Christmas Story – I may get some flack about this movie. It truly is a classic, but I think an update would be good. I can still watch this movie all day on Christmas morning.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – A classic, but could definitely benefit from an update. I could see Shia Lebeouf as the new Ferris Bueller. They should definitely consult John Hughes on the script if this does ever get done.

This is my list so far. These are movies I would definitely go see if they were remade. I will come back with part 2 of my list. Drop a comment if you have any suggestions of movies that should be remade.

The Dark Knight….Simply Amazing!

July 19, 2008 2 comments

Finally saw “The Dark Knight” and I have to say that it was EXCELLENT. From beginning to end. It is the best comic book movie made to date. Coming in at a close 2nd and 3rd are Spiderman and the X-Men franchise’s respectively. I can’t think of much else that can complement the movie more. The 2.5 hours was time well spent.

Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker was phenomenal. Hats off to Heath Ledger and to Christopher Nolan for writing and directing this movie. It was a real change of pace to see the Batman franchise stay true to the comics and make the Joker as ruthless as in the comics. In this movie you truly saw “The Joker” and not Heath Ledger at all. He immersed himself into this character and there was not one time throughout the movie that it did not show.

Christian Bale was also amazing as Batman. Best pick to date. In the movie I really liked how he struggled with actually being Batman and what it meant to him and Gotham City. I don’t want to ruin it for people who have not seen it, but his performance was really good.

Also, Aaron Eckhart was very surprising in this movie a well. Harvey Dent/Two-Face was well played. His conversion from crime fighting district attorney to the insane Two-Face was very well done.

There are alot of surprises in the movie and there is so much to see that it’s alot to take in. I enjoyed this movie very much and can’t wait to see it again. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!! You will not be dissapointed.

Top 20 Best Comedy Films

July 15, 2008 3 comments

I being the movie buff that I am was thinking of the funniest movies I have seen. To me a funny movie or a good comedy is a movie that keeps you laughing throughout. A movie that you have seen so many times that you can quote it. You get the idea.

So here goes, my top 20 favorite comedies:

20. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

19. Old School

18. The Nutty Professor (Eddie Murphy’s Version)

17. Tommy Boy

16. Mean Girls

15. The Naked Gun

14. Anchorman

13. Dumb & Dumber

12. Friday

11. Scary Movie

10. Ace Ventura Pet Detective

9. Happy Gilmore

8. National Lampoon’s Vacation

7. Road Trip & Eurotrip

6. American Pie

5. Better Off Dead

4. 40 Year-Old Virgin

3. Trading Places

2. Big

1. The Jerk

So there it is, these are the movies that made me laugh, alot. I can watch any of them over and over again.

The Dark Knight…..I’m Patiently Waiting!!

I can easily say that “The Dark Knight” will be the biggest movie of the summer, or maybe the year. I cannot wait to see this movie. I have been hearing alot of buzz and even one review from Kevin Smith who saw an advance¬†screening of the movie and simply stated, “Nolan and crew have created a near masterpiece.” Those who know Kevin Smith also know how dear he holds comic books to heart.

Another big reason to see the movie is for Heath Ledger. I do think he was a great actor. I don’t think that many male actors could have pulled off Brokeback Mountain the way he did.

July 18th can’t come fast enough!!

As a tribute to the movie, I also changed my banner. Hope you guys like it.