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Curb Your Enthusiasm….Funniest Show Ever!!

August 21, 2008 1 comment

I have been a loyal fan of “Curb your Enthusiasm” since season 1. Once I heard that Larry David (Co-Creator of Seinfeld) was getting his own HBO series, I was hooked. This show is like Seinfeld on steroids, it’s no holds barred TV….and it makes me laugh my ass off!!

I love how Larry David, who has more money than God from his Seinfeld royalties just lives the retired life. However, everything he does or has to do, is a god damn chore to him. Some of the funniest things that he’s done are:

– Letting his doctor know that the magaziune selection in the waiting room is completely outdated and then continues to provide suggestions on what magazines the doctor should have

-Tricking Ted Danson in to changing the name of a sandwich named after him becuase he liked those ingredients better

-Taking a golf club out of a casket during the funeral of his friends father becuase he thought it was his

-Picking up a hooker so that he could use the H.O.V lane on the freeway to get to a Dodger’s game faster

-Tries to cash in on his wife’s promise that on their 10 year anniversary he could sleep with another woman

-Not wanting to perform oral sex on his wife because it hurts his neck

-When some young kids toilet paper his house and write “Bald Asshole” on his door, he calls the police and reports it as a “hate crime”

-During an interview for Jury Duty he states that an “Almond Joy” candy bar being taken from him was a traumatizing crime

This show is priceless, if you enjoyed Seinfeld. This will definitely make you laugh. The supporting characters are also excellent, especially Susie Essman. She’s got the mouth of a truck driver and she’s not afraid to use it, especially on Larry.