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iPhone 3G…Not sure yet?

If you are an original iPhone owner why would you want to ditch it and go for the new 3G iPhone. I have been asking myself this question all day. I currently have the 8GB version. I have to say that I truly do like my iPhone alot. I actually use it more for the internet and iPod than the phone.

So I asked myself, is there a really good reason or reasons to switch?? My first response was “maybe?”, then I began to think of the pros and cons.


  1. It’s a nicer design
  2. Battery life is better
  3. Of course…3G data speeds
  4. GPS
  5. Price ($199 for the 8GB, $299 for the 16GB)


  1. AT&T is charging a higher rate for the unlimited data plan ($30 for consumer, $45 for business)
  2. The majority of the places I use the iPhone have wifi
  3. I have a Garmin Nuvi 200 for GPS in my car
  4. The battery life on the origianl suits me just fine
  5. Would be difficult to sell for a good price if I decided to upgrade
  6. Doesn’t come with a dock

Weighing out the pro’s and con’s it doesn’t look like I will be upgrading. I’m not going to be missing out software wise because I will still be running the same version as the 3G iPhone minus the GPS. I am also quite upset that these new iPhones are so much more less expensive than the 3G model. I feel that Apple is using the profits of the 1st generation to appease the buyers of the 2nd…..Not right Apple. If Apple wants to get current iPhone users to switch there better be some type of incentive, such as a $100 credit for a trade in and we should still be able to keep our current data plan rates ($20) on our AT&T plans.

Until then, I just can’t see an upgrade in my future.

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3g iPhone…Who Really Cares?

Does anyone who currently has an iPhone really care about the forthcoming 3G iPhone?? I’m thinking YES! I personally do not, I very rarely use the iPhone out of WiFi range, so the 3G does not interest me. I also hope and believe that any new software features will be made available to current iPhone users.

I can’t see getting a new iPhone simply because of the 3G option. The one thing I wish I could do is swap out the internal Flash card for a larger version, 32GB would be nice!!

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