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Floyd Mayweather will fight wife, but not Pacquiao

September 14, 2010 2 comments

Today, as I scan through the news I see a report stating that Floyd Mayweather beat his ex in front of their son. I liked Mayweather, even though he talked a lot of trash about his opponents he went into the ring and backed it up. He was arrogant, but he won as well. You can’t knock him for that, if you beat the guy you talk trash about, then it isn’t trash talk it’s the truth.

Here is a guy who is arguably the best fighter in the world, pound for pound, he’s also a millionaire and should be sitting on top of the world and look what he has allegedly done. I just lost all respect for Mayweather. I can understand having an argument with your ex, I can’t understand hitting a woman, let alone hitting a woman in front of your son, then threatening to beat the kids up if they told the anyone or the police.

The sad part about this is that he was out on $3,000 bail and will probably not serve any time because of his deep pockets. Way to go Floyd! I hope he finally does fight Pacquiao and Manny beats his ass from her to next week! Mayweather does not deserve any good fortune going forward!