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Sarbucks to close 600 Stores…..YES!!!

My coffee rant has actually made a difference. Finally coffee drinkers are getting the picture. Coffee, especially from starbucks is expensive and it just doesn’t taste good. This may cause mass hysteria to the coffee elite or the teenagers who drink starbucks to be fashionable, but, oh well you can always drink dirt mixed with water and it will taste the same.

Next it will be Dunkin Domuts!

Starbucks to close 600 stores


Coffee….Why in the world?

June 21, 2008 6 comments

I don’t know what it is about coffee that I can’t stand the most and it’s not until recently that it has been bugging me the most. Everywhere I turn, someone’s drinking coffee…at work, in a restaurant, for breakfast, lunch or dinner someone in my nearby proximity is consuming coffee. Now I understand that the caffeine is addicting and some people may have some issues kicking the habbit, but what’s the story with people who drink decaf….I know it can’t be the taste, I have tasted coffee and I’m sorry to say, it tastes absolutely horrible. I just cannot see what the attraction is.

So recently I’m noticing the little things that are chapping my butt hole. I see teenage kids drinking coffee, and it has to be starbuck’s. I guess drinking starbuck’s is now a fashion statement or a liquid diet for the teenage youth of this country. Now, I can remember when I was in high school (early 1990’s), not one person I knew drank coffee, you either had water, soda or juice. The thing that’s the most irritating is that these kids are not drinking regular coffee, starbuck’s has all the “ccino” coffee’s, or they blend different flavors in it, vanilla, caramel, etc…

The other annoyance are the coffee drinkers who claim that they “cannot function” without it. I have a co-worker who tells me one of his friends tells people not to speak to him until he has his coffee. I work with people who consume 5+ cups per day. Our company pays for a “flavia” machineĀ for each section of each floor in my building. One of our buildings even has a starbuck’s counter. It boggles my mind that companies, not just mine spend all this money on coffee and raises are only a 4% roll rate. It also amazes me how coffee drinkers revolve their lives around this beverage. They cannot function or work without it, needless to say the bad breath lurking is also a hazard on top of the stained teeth…..Yeah, pour me another cup!

The other abnormality, is the “Iced Coffee”. Isn’t coffee supposed to be consumed as a hot beverage? Maybe it’s me, but these corporations will find anyway to package a coffee product to sell to the public and the addicted coffee drinker will go out of their way to buy it.

Oh, and the best is coffee ice cream….sigh. Why? Why would I want something that taste’s like dirty water in my ice cream, but then again the addicted coffee drinker will purchase and consume.

I think that the funniest and saddest thing I’ve experienced with coffee is when my wife and I registered for our wedding. We were debating whether or not to register for a coffee maker. Neither of us drinks coffee, but if we entertain and do not have coffee, people will think we are retarded. So we got one and have never ever used it. There’s a bridal gift we didn’t need.

So, I do understand that there are people who actually enjoy this beverage for the taste and hey, it’s your perogative to do so. My rant is for all the others who consume coffee as a form of fashion or a drug….Get a freakin life!! It doesn’t taste good and it’s expensive!

In closing….F U Juan Valdez!