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Rain + Traffic = MORON’S

August 6, 2008 1 comment

It’s hard to believe that people fear the rain, especially when driving. Cars are built to specifically handle various types of road conditions including RAIN! Why do people get so nervous when driving in the rain? Is it because they are afraid of getting into an accident?…..More than likely YES!!. However the balance is not there, never has been and probably never will.

Here’s the scenario. It’s raining, I’m on my way to work and driving at normal speeds. However I have the pleasure of being behind a very “cautious” driver. This person proceeds to go at least 20MPH slower than the speed limit. Now the best part is that behind me is the impatient prick who feels he in his SUV is invincible. So this jerk-off starts flashing his lights and tries to get everyone to speed up, but alas, it’s raining and other drivers are “cautious” as well. So this jerk continues to honk his horn.

At this point, he’s making the “cautious” drivers nervous and scared and he’s pissing me off. I have the patience to a certain point of tolerating slow drivers, but I can’t stand adrenaline pumped, impatient, SUV drivers who act like assholes.

Anyway, I digress. This jerk is still so impatient that he begins to drive on the shoulder to go around the traffic nearly causing a major accident.  I have 2 suggestions in general:

  1. Get up early enough so that you’re not late for work and proceed to rush
  2. Get anger management

So, when it rains. There really is no recourse, you’re either waiting patienly, the “cautious” many or the ASSHOLE driving the SUV. Either way you’re screwed.

FYI…Something worse than the SUV Asshole. The rubbernecker who slows down to see the accident the SUV asshole caused.



Grand Theft Auto…..LOL

May 12, 2008 1 comment

See what happens when you can’t get Grand Theft Auto 4!!

This was an actual accident, Click here for the article.

Some people should not be gamers or drivers for that matter.