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The New XBOX 360

September 6, 2010 Leave a comment

I am a moderate gamer who is addicted to new gadgets and I am okay with this. My wife on the other hand, not so much. I have the 3 major gaming consoles (XBOX 360, PS3, Wii) and I play them regularly, at night once everyone’s in bed….DON’T JUDGE ME!!

In comes the new XBOX 360! The games and the software are still the same, however the hardware has been updated to include a new hard drive (250GB), built in WiFi (802.11n) and a slimmed down body. Here I am with a perfectly good XBOX 360 and considering the purchase of the new console. Wait…Let me re-phrase. Here I am throwing down some hard earned cash to buy the new XBOX 360. It’s a nice new shiny console that Microsoft has promised will not crap out on you and is much quieter.

I have had the console for a few weeks now and I have to say, first, it’s really nice! The design is very eye catching, it is significantly quieter and does not get so hot that I don’t have to turn on the heat in the winter. The one thing I did notice is that when purchasing the new console, that there is a short supply of them. I went into a GameStop store to purchase the console, in tote I had my 6 year-old son. He had some Nintendo DS games he wanted to get rid of for a new game, so he was trading them in and I would foot the bill.

I’m on line with the game my son wants to purchase, now mind you I am about 8 people back, seems like I’m not the only 30 something gamer out there. As we move up the line, I hear a few lads jabbering about the new console. One of the lads says in a frustrated tone, “I went to 4 Best Buys and they didn’t have any at all”, another says “I went to a WalMart, Target and 3 other GameStops, no dice”. So, right about now, I’m thinking that I’m screwed. Great!!!

So as the line keeps moving, the 3 guys who were on the XBOX treasure hunt finally get to the register and say, “Please, if you have a heart you will answer, YES to the following question. Do you have the 250GB XBOX in stock?”. The store clerk states at the 3 guys and says, “Are you kidding?” and before the clerk finishes his statement, the 3 guys all say, “What the fuck!”. Needless to say all the people in the store begin laughing. After the laughter, the clerk says to the lads, “Please don’t curse, this is a family store!. Now, I do have the XBOX in stock, however your profanity has offended me so I am refusing to sell it to you.” The 3 guys are literally speechless and a silence comes over the store for approximately 10 seconds. The clerk then says to the 3 guys, “I’m just fucking with you”.

I know this is a bit of a side track, but I thought this was quite comical!! After the transaction of the 3 guys in front of me, I come up to bat and I tell the clerk, “I just wanted you to know that I feel your conversation with the 3 guys ahead of me was completely unprofessional and to top it off I have a 6 year old son who was just subjected to profanity from a store employee.” The clerk looks at me and begins apologizing profusely and I say to him, “I’m just messing with you. I would have said the “F” word, but he really is only 6″

Well, after all that excitement, I purchase my XBOX and my son’s Nintendo DS game.

So, I get home and unbox it and this thing is good! Very small and sleek. I was disappointed that there was no bundled HDMI cable. $299 and no HD out of the box? Well, I did have the HDMI cable from my old XBOX. Everything is now plugged in. I turn it on and it works just like my old one. I fully know that this new console will have the same content as the old, but I was still expecting something more, why, I have no idea!

The new XBOX really is whisper quiet, the DVD drive does not make much noise and if you install the game on the hard drive, you can barely hear the console at all. GOOD JOB MICROSOFT!! The wifi was quick and easy to setup, the transfer of content from one hard drive to the next was also pretty seamless. You will need to purchase the transfer cable to move your content. Even the wireless controller worked as soon as I put batteries in it, no need to connect it to the console.

There is no speed difference when it comes to games loading and there are no performance enhancements. This is simply a hardware update all around. If you have a current XBOX, there really isn’t a need to upgrade, however, if you are a gadget junky, feel free to purchase!

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