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Slowly but Surely….Miley’s True Colors Will Be Revealed

September 21, 2008 Leave a comment

Seems that Bill “Redneck” Cyrus is being more of a diva than daughter Miley. Guess he is living vicariously through her career since his “Achey Breaky” money has dwindled away. Soon enough, Miley and Billy Ray will be the new Jessica and Joe Simpson.

I can see it now….Billy Ray is adjusting Miley’s G-String on the set of her Maxim photo shoot and later he will claim that he never authorized such pictures to be taken.

Let’s start the Playboy Clock on Miley Cyrus! I’m saying by the age of 20 when her “signing” career is on the down hill, she will be pushed the T&A route by her in-bred daddy.

Any Takers?


Miley Cyrus is Naughty and Stupid!!

July 14, 2008 6 comments

Okay, now there’s a thing called making a “mistake”. Usually goes like this, I did something dumb and now I know better so I won’t do it again. So Miley Cyrus, took a somewhat provocative photo a while back that caused a stir.

Okay, lesson learned. Now she should know that at her age these types of pictures are a “NO-NO”. And for the record, her “daddy” Billy Ray knew it was happening, he’s milking her for all she’s worth.

Anywho, I am just doing my nightly surf of the web, when I come across an article stating that Miley Cyrus has some rather “risque” pictures out and about on the web that show her in very compromising situations with her Jonas Brother boyfriend. Guess I was wrong about them being gay.

I guess now it’s pretty safe to say that Miley Cyrus is no longer intelligent. How could she have possibly thought that a picture of her taking a shower in a wet t-shirt would not get out.


Hope she’s listening, because I can hear Mickey Mouse getting ready to drop the ax on her. I guess Selena Gomez should be doing the “happy” dance now. She will now be the new face of Disney. Hopefully she’s smart enough not to take any pictures in the shower with a wet t-shirt.

Oh and the best part is that both Miley Cyrus and her Jonas boyfriend claim they are “Virgins”. LOL.

Becuase of her stupidity, I hope she falls. She had the world handed to her and she screwed it up. Way to go Hannah!!, wait…probably won’t be able to call you that anymore after Disney gets through with you.

What a waste!! Can’t wait to hear the excuses for this. Her publicist must have an ulcer right now.