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Best Hip Hop Album of the Year = Recovery

August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

Best Album I’ve heard in a while!! Glad to see that Slim Shady is back to the original version of himself!! I thought Encore was horrible and Relapse was forced on his part. He even admits to it in “Not Afraid”. He’s at his best when he’s angry and sober and in Recovery he is just that, but this time he’s angry at himself and not pointing the finger at his mother. His style is also a little different this time around. Doing songs with Pink and Rhianna which are both really good!

If you like hip hop and Eminem, this is a no brainer!! I’d give this album 4.5 out of 5 middle fingers


Usher…Here I Stand (to download)

So I decided to purchase (download) Usher’s new album “Here I Stand“. I haven’t heard much about the album, just heard the single, “Love in this club” and it’s really good. It’s a hot track!

I definitely enjoyed his previous album, “Confessions”. I think it sold something ridiculous like 9.5 million. In the age of the peer to peer “sharing” that is saying something.

I also saw the article in Entertainment Weekly about his new album and the review was only Okay….but I never really listen to critics because people’s taste in music is always different. I have listened to the album and it has alot of really good songs. Some songs are not what I would like, but others may. The songs I really liked are:

  1. Love in this club
  2. Love in this club pt.2
  3. Love in this club (Remix)
  4. Will work for Love
  5. Best Thing
  6. Before I Met You
  7. His Mistakes
  8. Appetite
  9. What’s a man to do
  10. Revolver

Out of 18 songs on the album, I definitely enjoyed the above 10. The lyrics are good, the beats are good, just an all around excellent effort. I would definitley recommend it!!

If you don’t like R&b/Hip Hop, then this is not for you. and No, Usher is not paying me for this!