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Jessica Simpson….FAT??

January 28, 2009 2 comments

I think that as a people we have a tremendous obsession about being fat. That being said, we also have different ideas on what being fat is. SO, the picture below shows Jessica Simpson “performing” and everyone’s first reaction is that she gained alot of weight and is “fat”. Now, I for one don’t like a barrel ass, but I don’t think “Messica” Simpson is fat. Has she gained weight?….YES!, Does it look bad?…….NO! Is she a hot mess?…Absolutely!

Either way, she is still very easy on the eyes. The ears…is another story.

In closing, Tony Romo better knock her up because if she keeps singing she’ll be making as much money as I do for writing this blog.



Amy Winehouse….AAHHHHHH!!!!!

September 12, 2008 Leave a comment

This bitch is scary. I think I just lost my goddamn eyesight. Now I know what Stevie Wonder feels. She really meant what she said in her song, “You Know I’m No Good”.

Anybody know a good eye doctor!

Kim Kardashian + Dancing With The Stars = WTF??

August 31, 2008 2 comments

What the hell is Kim Kardashian doing on Dancing with the Stars? This show is supposed to have a cast of “stars”, people who are famous and have done something in Hollywood and have been famous, such as act, sing, etc. The other possibility is to be an athlete.

Again, I ask, why is Kim Kardashian on this show? She is not famous for anything except for a sex tape with a d-list R&B singer who was only somewhat famous because of his sister, Brandy. Kim got to Playboy because of her sex tape. She got a reality show because of a sex tape….Sigh!

I use to stomach this show because my wife enjoyed watching it, but now that they are letting anyone on, I don’t think it’s gonna work. Kim Kardashian will probably be the first one off, and if she is, I’m going to laugh my ass off because that would mean that Cloris Leachman, who is a billion years old would have been better than her.

I hope that Kim Kardashian is judged twice one score for her and one for her ass. That thing has a mind of it’s own.