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I kissed an iPhone…and I liked it!

I still am trying to figure out why the iPhone is consuming my free time and some of my not so free time. I already have one, but I find myself constantly checking the internet for any new news on the iPhone 3g and the 2.0 software update.

I swear that Steve Jobs is like Colonel Sanders. They both put something in their products that makes you keep craving it daily. I love fried chicken and i love my iphone….Sigh!

Anywho, I was reading articles on Engadget about the iPhone launch and the problems that people are having activating them, buying them and updating them. I personally did not have a problem updating my iPhone even though I used the “pre-release” version. I am currently installing the official iPhone 2.0 update and so far so good.

I still refuse to purchase a new iphone 3g. The one i have is perfectly fine and has the same software as the newer model. No need to update at this time. I’m hoping that my iPhone holds out until Apple can get out of bed with AT&T and sell the iPhone to other carriers, like Verizon (keeping fingers crossed). At least then, there may be some competitive pricing for the service.

Well…that’s my rant on the iPhone for today. By the way the “App Store” on the iPhone is freakin’ awesome.


My gripe with the iPhone “3G”

So July 11th is the big iPhone day. Apple will likely sell out of their inital stock within a week. I still continue to ask myself, do I really want the new iPhone? I have the 1st generation iPhone, July 15th will mark my 1 year anniversary with this product.

I do like the iPhone very much, there is not a day that goes by that I don’t use it in some way. It is very reliable, well built and very user-friendly.

As each day comes to an end and we get closer to “iPhone 3g” day, I wonder about the software update (version 2.0). Why wouldn’t Apple release the software update to current iPhone owners? To me it would make sense to update your current iPhone base and see how the product works.

However, Apple is not releasing the new update until July 11th. I guess they want it all out in one day. Is this really the case?

Here’s what I think….

I think Apple is releasing this software update on the same day as the iPhone 3g because many of the current 1st generation iPhone owners would most likely not buy the new iphone. What is the real difference? Okay, so you get the 3g speeds, updated design, GPS¬†and better battery life (allegedly). As far as the interface goes…STILL THE SAME. There will not be a different interface for the iPhone, no matter which one you have.

Is the 3g speed really that important? Is it worth trying to sell your old iPhone, purchase the new one and also enjoy AT&T’s drastically increased pricing for the iPhone plan. On top of this, if you are a current iPhone owner, AT&T wants you to add an additional $100 dollars to the price of the phone because of the privelidge to upgrade from 1st generation to iPhone 3g….Ain’t AT&T great!!

Bottom line, I really hope that the 1st generation iPhone user base sticks with their product. The 3g speeds are not worth it especially when there is wifi everywhere and who is to say that you will be using the iPhone in an area that actually has 3g service. I also hope that AT&T comes to their senses and reduces the cost of the iphone plan, they know that the prices are extremely high and unfair.

If you plan to buy the new iPhone, please leave a reply and the main reason you’re buying it. I’m just curious to know.