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Where is iLife for Windows?

October 16, 2008 Leave a comment

I am a PC user simply because it is less costly to own a PC than a macintosh. I do have a Powerbook G4, 17″, but it is outdated and does not have an intel processor. When the Powerbook was useful, it was great and I especially loved the iLife application. 

iLife is a godsend for the digital lifestyle. I mean you can pretty much do it all, movies, pictures, music and web pages. What more could the average person who loves digital media ask for? People have their own likes or dislikes for iLife, I personally loved it and would love to see Apple make it for Windows….but that will never happen. 

Apple will never make iLife cross over, simply becuase it’s a big part of the reason users switch to a MAC. I would use a MAC instead of a PC, if a MAC was more affordable. However, iLife is very affordable, I mean it comes preloaded on a MAC and if you need to buy it it’s only $79.

All other products for the windows platform don’t even come close to iLife. iLife applications have great interfaces, are easy to use, work fast and WORK TOGETHER!!!

NERO…No dice


Microsoft is working on their new OS called WIndows 7. How about they make some applications that work like iLife and make it part of Windows. 

I like Windows because of it’s flexibility and usability, but the MAC OS out performs Windows in speed and ease of use. MAC OS is a powerhouse when it comes to the home user and digital media. 

Microsoft has it’s work cut out……Let’s hope they get it right this time with Windows 7


New Banner!!

March 3, 2008 1 comment

Just made my new banner in PS CS3. Yes that is a picture of my eye. Amazing what can be done with a digital camera, Photoshop and a PC.

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