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New Banner!!

March 3, 2008 1 comment

Just made my new banner in PS CS3. Yes that is a picture of my eye. Amazing what can be done with a digital camera, Photoshop and a PC.

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Photoshop & Photography….Gotta Love It

March 3, 2008 1 comment

I had purchased Photoshop CS3 a little after it was released. I didn’t really know how to use it that well, I basically used it for basic phot editing and for my RAW files from my digital camera. I am a photography junky. Ever since my son was born, I began taking pictures, it wasn’t until his Christening that I really got into it. My wife arranged to have his pictures professionally taken and I was blown away at what the cost was for prints. For example, they charged $95 for an 11×14 print. I was dumbfounded……After that debacle I started doing some research on the web and found out that the the same type of print, paper and all could be purchased for $5.99.

Now, I have approximately 4 years of photography experience so I feel I know the digital workflow fairly well. If you know how to expose and light a subject, there should be very little post processing work to do once the photo has been taken. I just don’t understand how someone in good conscience could charge that much. I do realize that this is their only source of income and jobs can be few and far in between, but that is an example of a professional taking advantage of a situation.

So, after much research, I decided to start a small photograhy business specializing mainly in children. Now, this was kind of a hobby for me, so I started slow with relatives and friends first. I simply asked if I could take portraits of their kids. They did not have to pay me for the session and when I showed them the finished product, if they liked it, I would just charge them for the prints. I definitely went in with the mindest of NOT OVERCHARGING. I wasn’t looking to get rich, but I know that there is a market for child photography. The best part about what I did was that I came to your house and took pictures!! Just think of all the headaches I saved people.

Anyway, all my work was by referral. I never advertised at all and there were some weeks I couldn’t keep up. After my daughter was born, I just didn’t have time anymore to pursue this line of work. I still get upset about it because I know that I was truly providing a service that was helpful for alot of parents. As a parent I know the frustration of getting pictures taken of your kids.

Hopefully I can pursue this again…..I would really enjoy it very much!

Now, back to photoshop. I truly love this application. I have not even come close to what it is capable of. See my new banner, Made that in 20 minutes.

Photoshop comes in very handy when I process my pictures. The workflow is amazing. I actually found an excellent site for all things Photoshop. It does require a membership fee of $99 per year, but it is absolutely worth it.

NAPP – National Associaton of Photoshop Professionals,

This site has excellent information, great tutorials, great forums and alot of discounts for software, equipment, etc. I would highly recommend it. I also picked up an excellent book for Photoshop CS3. It’s called The Adobe Photoshop CS3 book for Digital Photographers, This book has helped me in countless ways. A definite must if you use PS CS3.

I am now off to continue playing in Photoshop. Until next time…Keep it clean