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Workplace Dress Codes

July 22, 2008 2 comments

Why do places of business have dress codes? I began to ponder this question as I have heard my co-workers complain about the business casual attire that we are all required to wear, even on weekends. I happen to work in a dungeon of sorts. The light is very dim, it’s very cold and I have no windows. Yeah, sounds like paradise.

So, in this “dungeon” where we rarely get any visitors above the level of “manager” we are still required to comply with the comapny dress code. Fine, I can understand that, if everyone in the company has to do it, then so be it. I’m not one to argue about something so petty and I also like getting a paycheck.

I wonder about dress codes for a few reasons:

  1. The 3 most successful corporations in this country, Microsoft, Apple and Google don’t have dress codes
  2. Dress codes hide the “real” persona of the employee

Now, Microsoft, Apple and Google both share the same philosophy I guess. As long as you come and do your job and continue to innovate, dress any way you want. I have to agree with this, what’s the harm of wearing a pair of jeans and a polo to work? Is working in Khaki’s going to make me perform better? No it’s just going to cause me problems when I use the men’s room (please read, “The Khaki Pants Situation“). Is wearing a button down shirt with a collar going to make me think better than wearing a polo would? NO! Either way dress codes are somewhat ridiculous, but I did read a study that says when people are dressed professionally they act more professionally.

See, now this segue’s into my next point. Dress codes hide the employee’s persona. Now, I happen to think that about 90% of the American workforce acts completely different when they are out of the workplace. They are probably not as nice, much louder and obnoxious. They probably have no reservations about cursing and after some alcohol consumption probably become much more laid back or more of an asshole. I believe that if companies let their employees dress anyway they wanted, the workplace would be much more interesting. I also feel that work attendance would be much higher.

Could you imagine the stories by the water cooler about the VP in a meeting with the “What are you looking at, Asshole?” t-shirt. What about the “ladies” who would wear the short shorts with the g-string hanging out or the fat chicks in the stretchy pants (come on, you gotta take the good with the bad). Either way, this would make me want to come to work every day. I for one would love to see how some of the people I work with act when not confined to the “dress code”.

If we want to kick it up a notch, introduce alcohol into the workplace, then you would really see who the good employees are. The bad ones would be the ones who get drunk during lunch and are passed out under a cafeteria table.

I for one believe that the no dress code and alcohol consumption policy should be introduced in the workplace, then corporations would see who they really have working for them.

Any takers? If so, I would love to fill out an application!!


Necessay Nike’s

Yeah! I can see these being a necessary back to school item. These Nike’s cost $400. Is this really what kids are wearing these days. What willl Nike come up with next.

I can honestly say that if any of my kids asked me for a pair of sneakers like this, I would laugh first, then when I saw the price, I would laugh even harder.

Nice Job Nike!!!