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Is this really Britney Spears?

September 17, 2008 3 comments

Yes it is!! I am actually is a bit of shock saying this, but it really is. Well, she looks coherent and she didn’t trip coming down the stairs…BONUS!!

Hollywood loves a comeback, she fucked up the first one, hopefully 2nd time is the charm. I know what having kids can do to you, I have 2 life ruiners of my own.


Britney Spears Parenting Skillz!!

I am in no way a Britney Spears fan, however I must defend her in this instance. This was an innocent mistake, yes, she is a smoker and she did leave out her cigs and lighter in the reach of her son, but she’s not the first and won’t be the last.

I myself am a parent and I can honestly say that I make bone-head moves like that. I’m not a smoker, but there are times where I may have been occupied with something else and as soon as I take my attention away from one of my kids they get into some shit. Whether it be climbing up the stairs without assistance (my daughetr is 17 months), going into the kitchen cabinets, pulling a plug out of the wall, etc.

Point is, as a parent you should not look at her as being irresponsible in this instance. No parent is perfect by any means and mistakes do happen, especially with young children.

On a side note, Britney must be working out, she’s looking half decent in her bikini. Keep it up Britney, my wife is pulling for you.

Britney Spears is Awesome…..??

Well, I know it’s a little late, but she was on “How I met your Mother” again. I didn’t catch the episode, but I did see a clip of it. She wasn’t bad, but the writer’s didn’t write a good part for her either. I’m sure she will be back again. They need to exploit her as much as possible.

By the Way she was also in another fender bender. Maybe they should do an episode where she learns to drive!!

Can we have sex and then go shopping?

March 17, 2008 1 comment

The title is what Britney Spears says on the promo of the CBS sitcom, “How I met your mother”. I’m very scared to see what’s in store on this episode. I guess I’ll be one of the 15+million watching.

Britney Spears….Animated?

March 12, 2008 2 comments

Britney Animated for New Video| Music News, Britney Spears

Is Britney Spears that far gone that her handlers have now chosen to animate her so that she will cooperate. I guess it’s the smartest thing to do being how “stable” she is. I guess an animated Britney lipsynching is just as good as live one.

Judging from the picture above it looks like whoever decided to do the artwork didn’t get a realistic picture of the pop starlet. She’s obviously a brunette.

So Sad….Yet entertaining…..but still very sad