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For those of you thinking of having children…..Think twice!

January 26, 2008 Leave a comment

First, let me start by saying that I truly adore and love my kids. That being said, let me go deeper into what I mean. When I was first married, life was great, my wife and I came and went as we pleased, we traveled, we had tons of “fun” (yes…it’s what you think it is). When we first found out that we were having a baby, we were happy and shocked at the same time. Shocked because it wasn’t planned. Happy becuase we both wanted kids.

I think that anyone having a child pretty much knows that they are going to have a lifestyle change…and it will be dramatic. The mistake that my wife and I made was that we didn’t realize how tough being parents was going to be.

We still thought that we would be able to go out and do the things we use to……again, not as much, but every now and then……Yes, Seriously.

After our son was born it was BAD!! My son was not a good sleeper, he was sick for the first 2 months and was colic. Needless to say…this was not what we expected. I mean my wife and I would read all the baby magazines and research what to expect on the web. We even purchased the 1st child bible, “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”. I mean we were as ready as we could be.

But what we thought was ready…wasn’t close. We were both losing sleep, getting frustrated with the baby and each other. My son was also born in the beginning of winter, so there was no going out. We were captive….literally

We asked each other, “Will this end?”. Eventually when my son turned 6 months old, it did start to get better. He slept, wasn’t sick and was no longer colic…..I’m not much for religion, but I did thank God .

My son is now 4 and we also have an 11 month old daugther…Don’t Ask!

Now…what is my point you ask?

My point is that having kids is not for everyone…..We sure as hell were not ready for kids. If you think you’re ready for children…Think Again!!! No one is ever ready for what kids bring. The funny thing is that I hear other people, friends and family say that it’s not that bad. There are also people out there who fool themselves and never say anything negative about being a parent. People who sugar coat the reality.

The reality is that kids are rewarding, but they also have moments when they suck, when they make you feel like shit, when they won’t shut up, when they don’t listen, when they test their limits with you, when they throw tantrums, when they are sick, when they don’t let you sleep….etc.

That’s reality…..

Again, if you are thinking of having kids…think twice!

Oh, 1 more thing….They are EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!