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Jessica Simpson Sould Just Stop!

August 29, 2008 Leave a comment

I just don’t know where this “woman” is going with her life. She is just a hot mess at this point and her “career” is only alive because of her relationship to Tony Romo.

She continues to torture the ears of people and small animals with her country singing ways. As you can see from the picture above, her wardrobe sense is just as bad as her country singing. But the kicker is that she actually believes that her farts smell like roses and she actually said this to a crowd of people. WHY??

How gross!! Guys fart and it’s funny, girls fart and it’s just gross! Why, you ask? From a guy it’s expected, from a girl it’s not.

Papa Jo, do yourself and the ears of America a favor and put down that crazy horse of a daughter. Let her be Tony Romo’s arm candy and pop out a few more dummies. PLEASE!!


Jessica Simpson Is Delusional

August 21, 2008 Leave a comment

So I hear that Jessica Simpson has her g-string in a bunch because of Carrie Underwood is saying that Tony Romo still calls her. The brilliant Jessica Simpson retorts with, “I know for a fact that he never called her, I checked his call logs.” She then proceeds to say that she and Tony Romo “got a chuckle out of the story”


Sad really. I just don’t understand how incredibly slow Jessica Simpson really is. This is Tony Romo, Quaterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Jessica! put down the pale ale and listen, he’s getting so much ass behind your back that it would even boggle your mind!

Besides, Carrie Underwood is better looking and is a better singer. She can alos do Country music….