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Windows Vista Service Pack 1….I updated!

March 18, 2008 1 comment


So this evening I was feeling lucky and decided to take the plunge and update Vista tp Servcie Pack 1. Now, it wasn’t automatically coming up through the Windows Update, I had to check for updates first. The download file was only 69MB. I guess I already had the majority of the updates necessary for the update. The file took about 20 minutes to download (Microsoft servers must be taking a pounding tonight). Normally I can download a 70MB file in under a minute. I live in New York and Cablevision is my ISP. Their Broadband service (Optimum OnLine) is amazing.

Anyway, after downloading the file the install began. I recieved a welcome screen and a License agreement screen….clicked OK and off we go. The SP1 install did some work for about 5 minutes and then rebooted my PC. When the PC came back up it started a 3 step install process. Once completed, I was brought to the login screen. The whole update took about 30 minutes. There were no errors and so far all is working okay. This is definitely the first time that I upgraded a Service Pack and it went this smoothly. I must tip my hat to Microsoft on this one.

The majority of the updates in SP1 are bug fixes and performance tweaks. No new shining features and no Windows Ultimate Extras…WTF???

As I continue to look around my PC I will definitely keep a close eye on any performance enhancements. Here is a list of the updates that come with SP1. The list is huge, it’s alot of reading, so gear up.

Here are some of the things I look forward to from Vista:

  1. Vista Ultimate Extras – I paid a premium for Ultimate and I want more than “Hold’em” and “Dreamscene”.
  2. Sound Card – I want to see manufacturer’s make a sound card specifically designed for Vista’s Open AL standard
  3. Direct X 10 – It’s been over a year people, show me why DX 10 is so revolutionary
  4. Better HD – more support for High Definition content. WMP11 is way behind as compared to QuickTime. Even streaming video in the SD format is horrible in WMP11

In conclusion, I’m very satisfied with my Vista SP1 upgrade experience. Let’s see if it makes a difference.


Windows Vista….Good, but could have been better!

March 17, 2008 2 comments


I am a technology junkie. I think of myself as a person who always likes to know what’s new in the technology world, so on January 29, 2007 I installed Windows Vista Ultimate on my PC. I performed a clean install on a new hard drive. I also made sure to upgrade any hardware that needed to be Vista compatible or at the very least had a Vista driver.

For the most part my upgrade went smoothly, it took about an hour to get up and running. Once my Vista PC was up, I did have to download a new driver for my video and sound card, which I expected. No biggie.

My first impressions were favorable, I liked the new UI, the search features and IE 7 was alot faster then in XP. Cool! However the issues with my sound card were a nightmare (Sound Blaster Audigy ZS). The driver that Creative put out sucked. It made the sound on the PC sound very weak and tin can-ish. I was very dissapointed. I waited for new drivers to be out, but they still sucked, so I suffered. I did not want to go and buy anything new until I read reviews and saw that it had a “good” Vista driver.

So 10 month later I purchased a Creative X-Fi Fatality sound card. Said on the box that it was Vista certified, so I took the plunge. I gotta say, it was like night and day. The sound was very good. I was pleased. So, finally my Vista PC is where I wanted it to be….after 10 months.

Could have Vista been better? YES!!!!

Microsoft should have focused more on making the product right and not stripping out features (e.g. WINFS, PC to PC Synch). They could have had more drivers readily available and the OS itself should have been less bloated and more streamlined. They could have also just made 3 editions:

  • Vista Ultimate (The whole thing, no shortcuts)
  • Vista Home (minus the office networking features)
  • Vista Business (minues the pretty home features)

DONE!! No guessing, no wondering what the hell you should buy. Also, price……..Ultimate should have been priced @ $249, Home $199 (for 3 licenses), Business, $199.

If you want the whole OS, I think that $249 is a reasonable price. Upgrades should be $100 bucks cheaper. For the home user, the majority have more than 1 PC, I should be able to use my Vista OS and install it on my kids PC without having to pay for an additional license. If I decide that I need to update the PC and change hardware, I should not need to activate all over again, find a better way for verification

Microsoft already has a 90% market share fore the OS, come on!! Microsoft show your customers you care about them, give them an OS with a good price and people will buy, you basically have a captive audience.

Now, I do not put all blame on Microsoft for Vista’s shortcomings. I also lay blame to the hardware and software manufacturer’s. They had over a year to prepare for Vista. Drivers and hardware should have been ready before launch. Just because they were pissed at Microsoft for all their changes to Vista, the consumer ended up getting the shaft.

Now that I have ranted……I must say that I am pleasede with Vista. It fits me fine for my uses, which are email, web, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I’m patiently waiting for SP1 and hope that it does speed up my system, cause it is a tad slow.

Will I switch to a Mac? Probably not, I’ve used a MAC for about 2 years and found that I could not do alot of things that I could on a PC. Now saying that, I must say that Apple has a masterpiece with iLife, no pc suite of applications comes close. Also, I don’t like the fact that Apple makes the hardware and Software, granted for the novice user that may be fine, but I get alot of satisfaction when I build my own PC. I feel it gives me the power to choose what I want in it.

So, in conclusion I will stick to Vista…for now. I just hope Microsoft gets it right with Windows 7. If not I may be moving to a MAC, MAYBE!

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