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Trying to be a Guitar Hero

June 30, 2008 1 comment

I picked up the XBOX 360 version of Guitar Hero for 2 reasons. One, my son saw one of his cousins playing the game and he really got into it. Two, my wife told me to get for him. Now, who am I to argue with my wife when it comes to demanding that I purchase a video game. I guess you know who wears the pants in this marriage.

I have only had the pleasure of playing this game 3 times thus far and I have to say, it is very addicting. I’m not much into Rock music, but this game does get you into it. The other really cool part of this game is that it is NOT EASY!! This game is very hard, especially if you have no idea how to play a guitar.

It does have an excellent tutorial that shows you the basics and some more advanced moves. There is plenty to like about this game, I would like to go into more detail but I haven’t started my “career” yet. So now I’m still trying to master “School’s out” and “Hit me with your best shot”.

I did downlaod a track pack from the group “No Doubt”, I am pretty good at the song “Don’t Speak”. OK, so what if I’m the only guy in the Guitar Hero universe playing it. The song is catchy and it was back when Gwen Steffani wasn’t winding it up.

So far Guitar Hero is good family fun….Two very enthusiastic thumbs up!!


How to improve the XBOX 360

May 18, 2008 1 comment

I own both the XBOX 360 and the PS3. I honestly game 100 times more on the XBOX 360 than the PS3 for 1 main reason. I know more people with XBOX systems. The PS3 for me is just a DVD/Blu-Ray player…for now.

Anyway, I digress. How can the XBOX 360 be a better gaming system. Here are my suggestions

  1. Make it quieter! – This thing is so loud, it actually disturbs me when playing.
  2. Make it smaller! – Microsoft has to find a way to encompass the power brick into the console and make the console a tad smaller
  3. Improve the DVD ROM – The DVD playback is average and it should be alot better, hopefully they put in a Blu-Ray ROM
  4. Built in Wi-Fi – There is no reason that the wireless network adapter should be seperate or cost $90 bucks….Come on Microsoft!! Wi-Fi should also include 802.11n support
  5. Add Bluetooth – Bluetooth support should be a standard
  6. Add additional Web Cam Support – I should be able to use any USB web cam on my XBOX, not just theirs
  7. Add an Internet Browser – This is a no brainer
  8. Data Backup – Put in a backup feature that will let you save all data on your XBOX hard drive. If I purchase a game by download, I should be able to make a copy of it.

These are my suggestions. I’m sure there are more, let me know what you think, drop a comment.

Dissapointed in the PS3!

March 5, 2008 1 comment


Ever since Warner Bros. went strictly Blu-Ray I knew that HD DVD’s days were numbered, so I ventured out and purchased a PS3. The PS3 was to be used mainly for watching Blu-Ray movies with the added bonus of a gaming system. I’ve had it for 2 months now and there is not one game being released that I have to have.

I also have an XBOX 360 and so do most of my friends, so I don’t have a need to buy games for the PS3.

So now I plead to SONY, please, please make some cool games!! I”ll be patiently waiting.

XBOX 360 vs. PS3

January 27, 2008 Leave a comment

I am fortunate enough to have a PS3 and an XBOX 360. So I just wanted to compare the 2 in case anyone was on the fence.

So…Let’s begin.

XBOX 360 (Core)


The XBOX is built fairly well. The outer shell is basically plastic and feels a little flimsy. It has 2 USB ports in the front of the console that are for the wired controllers, you can also use it to plug in other devices like an MP3 player. The DVD-ROM tray is your standard Media reader. On the back of the XBOX you will find a power input, Ethernet port, a USB port, and HDMI port (The HDMI port is on newer XBOX models) and proprietary video port. The power supply is not built into the XBOX360, it’s packaged with a power brick and this thing is huge and heavy.The XBOX controllers are built very well and they are sturdy. The Wireless controllers are also built very well and have a rechargeable battery.


  • Price – starts @ $279.99
  • Ease of setup
  • Great Graphics (provides 1080p resolution with HDMI port or RGB)
  • XBOX Live – The service and available options are second to none
  • Controllers – both wired and wireless, they feel good in your hand
  • Game library – new games and backwards compatible with original xbox games
  • Accessories can be charged when the XBOX is turned off
  • External Hard Drive – 120GB Hard Drive is available
  • HD DVD player is an accessory ( May not matter in about a year)


  • Price – the Elite version is $479.99
  • No built in WiFi – costs $99 if you want the wireless adapter
  • Noise – It’s very loud
  • Heat – It gets hot after only an hour
  • XBOX Live costs $50 per year (This price needs to be lowered)
  • Power Brick
  • Red Ring of Death issues (Microsoft did the right thing and extended the warranty for 3 years to fix theses issues)
  • HD-DVD (I like the format, the movies look great, but it looks like BLU Ray has deeper pockets)
  • Accessories are expensive ( Controllers are $50, Wireless headset is $50, 120GB HD is $180, etc)

Playstation 3 (40GB Version)


The PS3 is built very well. It’s solid and sturdy. It’s plastic too, but it just feels like it’s not going to break. On the front of the PS3 there are 2 USB ports and a slot loading Blu-Ray ROM. The Power and disc eject buttons are touch sensitive. On the back of the PS 3 there is an HDMI port, Gigabit Ethernet port, proprietary video port, Power cord port and Optical Audio Out. It has built in Bluetooth and WiFi. The wireless controller feels a bit flimsy, it does not have a rechargeable battery. The controller connects to the PS3 via BlueTooth.


  • Excellent build
  • Great Graphics (supports 1080p resolution)
  • Playstation Network (Online Gaming is free)
  • Fast – Game play seems faster then on the XBOX
  • Price – $399 is a bargain for this
  • Built in Wifi & Bluetooth (didn’t have to spend $99 on an additional accessory)
  • Uses any Bluetooth headset for online gaming
  • Blu-Ray player
  • QUIET – you barely know it’s on
  • Setup
  • SIXAXIS controller is very cool
  • Controller battery life


  • Game library – Not too many games
  • Cannot play PS2 games (SONY streamlined the manufacturing process and removed the PS2 emulator)
  • Playstation Netowork – Needs major work…..hard to get online, chat sessions frequently crash, gaming with friends is extremely difficult)
  • Controller does not have a removable battery
  • Charging any accessory requires that the PS3 be turned on
  • All games must be installed before they can be played (not the entire game but a portion of it)
  • Updates and downloads take much longer then it does on XBOX Live


I like both systems very much. They both have their strengths. Right now, I feel that the XBOX experience in a better choice. XBOX Live is a better online gaming/entertainment network. Now, the PS3 is no slouch, I’m sure that in a year from now they will fix a majority of the issues with the Playstaion network and have a bigger game library. If XBOX games and XBOX live worked on PS3 hardware, I think that would be the perfect console gaming platform.

WINNER: XBOX 360 (barely)

Gaming at 30+

January 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Gaming is not just for kids anymore. Was it ever?

I’ve always loved to play video games, mainly on a console, never really got into PC gaming, never liked the whole keyboard and mouse thing. Now that I am in my 30’s I can finally afford this addicting hobby. I currently have a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, took a while to get both, but it’s here. I’m also married with 2 kids.

When do I play you ask? Good Question…

Answer: When everyone is asleep. Unfortunately I have to sacrifice sleep in order to play.

Is it worth it? Absolutely!!

I’ll catch up on sleep once my kids are older or when I’m Dead.

I hope that my kids are into gaming as they get older. It will give me a reason to continue in this mind numming hobby. Do I throw away tons of money? Not really, fortunately these new consoles do alot more than just play games, which is how I justify this to myself and to my wife.

So the moral of this pointless post is……you 30+ guys and gals are not alone. I’m a 32 year old gamer and I’m not ashamed!!

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